World Premiere: Shop Theater, March 2012


In March 2012, Live Source presented its inaugural production in association with New York Univeristy: a reimagining of William Shakespeare’s MACBETH at the Shop Theater. MACBETH paired Shakespeare’s bloody masterpiece with the primal aggression of hand-to-hand combat, compressing the play’s action into a highly volatile boxing match. Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movements of the year, MACBETH resulted in an ultra-modern, yet equally timeless exploration of corruption in power, and the struggle to stay top-dog.


January - March, 2012: Open Rehearsals in NYC
February 2012: The Seagull Film Shoot in NYC
March 20-24, 2012: World Premiere at The Shop Theater


text by William Shakespeare

featuring performances by Adam Donovan, Emily Drew, Patrick Foley, Caroline Gart, Tyler Gilliam, Ryan Jennifer, Georgia Johnson, Vanessa Koppel, James Patterson, Eleot Reich, Adam C. Reid, David Rosenberg, Mac V. Wallach

Director: Tyler Mercer
Scenic Design: Frankie Oliva with Mariliza Parker
Costume Design: Jessie O’Hearn
Lighting Design: Charlotte Seelig
Sound Design: David Baloche
Video Design: JP Faienza
Video Editor: Nicholas Biagetti
Stage Manager: Hilary Keyes
Fight Choreographer: Turner Smith
Dramaturgy: Eric Shethar
Cinematurgy: Patrick McSherry
Photography: Jonno Rattman
Videography: Blake Brewer

Produced by Ariel Craft, Remy Saint Denis & Live Source Theatre Group