World Premiere: Access Theater, September 2012


WE ARE LIVE is an immersive film/theatre piece by Live Source. Compiled from Anton Chekhov’s The Seagulland Alfred Hitchcock’s 1950 thriller Stage Fright, WE ARE LIVE follows the on-and-off stage lives of a group of radio performers as they navigate a mysterious backstage murder while live on the air of the WLSC Special Radio Features Division.


May - September, 2012: Open Rehearsals in NYC
September 27-30, 2012: WE ARE LIVE at Access Theater
March - April, 2013: Open Rehearsals in NYC
April 30, 2013: WE ARE LIVE Film Shoot in NYC


from Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull
and Alfred Hitchcock’s Stage Fright

World Premiere at Access Theater in 2012 featuring performances by Victor Borbolla, Chris Dieman, Emily Drew, Caroline Gart, Peter Graham, Hilary Keyes, Kathleen Littlefield, James Patterson, Adam C. Reid & Arthur Schechner

Film Shoot in 2013 featuring performances by Amanda Renee Baker, Emily Drew, Justin Fischer, Caroline Gart, Matt Gregory, Georgia Johnson, Michael Knowles & Adam C. Reid.

Director: Tyler Mercer
Film Cinematography: David Baloche
Scenic Design: Blake Palmer with Joel Grossman
Costume Design: Jessie O’Hearn
Lighting Design: Joanna Emmott
Sound Design: Hilary Keyes
Dramaturgy & Vocal Coach: Chris Dieman
Stage Manager: Hilary Keyes (2012), Georgia Johnson (2013)
Production Associate: Eliana Mullins (2012), Brooks Fowler (2013)
Photography: Kendra Costigan

Produced by Live Source Theatre Group

ABOVE: Screen Tests, a video short created in collaboration with David Baloche. Text from Anton Chekhov's The Seagull. Featuring performances by Caroline Gart, Tracy Hazas, Elizabeth Hess, Caitlin Mileon, Natalie Thomas & Maggie Thompson.